Air conditioning. Why it serviced ?

The oil present in the air conditioning system of the vehicle is responsible for the lubrication system. No oil or an insufficient amount contributes to the lack of or inadequate lubrication of the compressor, which in the worst case resulting in the damage. In this case, the total cost of repairing the air conditioning system can be as high as several thousand. More than a inadequate level of coolant results in more frequent and longer the compressor to enable it to provide adequate cooling of the passenger compartment of the vehicle. To a large extent, this translates to fuel consumption which results in the depletion of the portfolio through the driver's frequent refueling. Another problem is the accumulation of dirt and germs, which can affect the cooling performance and health. Microorganisms may cause the common cold or other diseases especially in children. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary costs and inconvenience associated with the disease, we recommend regular monitoring of the state of the air conditioning.
We recommend at least once a year to carry out cleaning and decontamination of the air conditioning system and at least once every two years exchanging refrigerant with the addition of oil.