Wheel alignment and suspension geometry. Why should you get to control it​?

Increase in throughput of tires.

Surely every driver happened not replace the entire set of tires but only two tires due to previous consumption. Nowadays, uneven tire wear refers to both the front and rear axle. Cause of early and uneven tire wear is wrong to set the suspension geometry.

Identification of the defect in time.

Control of the suspension is an essential element performed by adjusting the geometry of the suspension. It gives the technician a good opportunity to identify the worn parts, which can be deformed and provides the ability to define, even visually, small problems before they become "big" and "expensive".

Ensuring the safety of driving.

Setting the geometry of the vehicle also translates into safety. Periodic inspection of geometry settings guarantee the maintenance of the car in perfect condition, with excellent running on the road and lets in a timely manner to identify worn or damaged parts that may have an impact on safety.

Reducing fuel consumption and vehicle.

Fuel consumption is reduced while the rolling resistance decreases. The correct geometry setting provides a suitable parallel wheels, which helps to minimize tire wear and rolling resistance. This, combined with the appropriate tire pressure ensures maximum efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Improving ride comfort.

Your car "pulls" to one side, the steering wheel vibrates, you have to constantly correct trajectory to keep the right direction? These and other problems are eliminated through proper setting of wheel geometry.

Safe travel.

Correct adjustment of the geometry of the suspension allows the vehicle carrying out the tasks entrusted to it by the constructors of the vehicle. When all elements of the suspension system are arranged in the right way, shocks and vibrations from rough roads are absorbed by the suspension in an efficient manner which increases driving stability and increase ride comfort.

Please check suspension geometry at least once a year.