Consumables are a group of products necessary for proper tire replacement and wheel balancing. Assembly tools such as pastes, fluids and sealants ensure easy assembly, guaranteeing full tire tightness in addition to preventing the tire from moving the rim.

It is extremely important to replace the valve when fitting the tire. The valves come only from reputable manufacturers (Alligator). Their high quality is a guarantee easy installation, tightness and high temperature resistance. In our offer you will find valves for cars, vans, TPMS sensors, trucks, industrial and agricultural machines.

It is impossible to imagine tire replacement without wheel balancing. We have a wide range of high quality correction weights for cars, vans, motorcycles and trucks.

In addition to balancing weights, we use balancing powders to balance truck and Off Road wheels. This is the ideal solution for mobile service and transport fleets who do not want to invest in a balancer. True off-road enthusiasts also appreciate this solution because it eliminates the risk of breaking the weight while driving in the field. The powder in the interior of the tire reduces the vibration of even the most muddy wheel.

Working with wheels is undoubtedly not a pure occupation. Good and efficient hand cleaning paste is a very important part of the workshop equipment. Our pastes will even blemish even the most stained hands while being safe for the skin and extremely efficient.